My Journey





2015/2016 – I was in a very bad place in my life. I rarely ate (so when I did eat it led to binging), drank an entire bottle of wine by myself every single night just to numb my depression, went for runs on trails every day just to avoid going home (strict cardio), and could barely look at myself in the mirror. I just couldn’t understand why I was gaining weight when all I did was live off a liquid diet, and ran till I couldn’t go another step.

I was/am a vegetarian/pescatarian, but at the time I did it all wrong. I binged on carbs and sugar when I actually ate. I never fueled my body with anything of substance or nutrients. I was slowly killing myself. My depression was a side effect of my unhealthy diet. I couldn’t seem to eat anything without my stomach painfully swelling up so large that it actually seemed it might burst. I was terrified to eat, because nothing seemed safe. Everything led to me not even being able to button my pants. The life I was leading was truly miserable.

Fast forward to today…

2017 – I am thriving. I discovered my stomach swelling issue was due to being allergic to gluten, so I eliminated it from my diet completely and have had zero issues since. I was introduced to the keto diet, and train in the gym 3x weekly with weights instead of cardio.  I’m down 30 lbs, not to mention I’m so much stronger! Not just physically, but mentally. My health has blossomed, my anxiety has greatly diminished, and my body is currently transforming every. single. day. How cool is it to say keto has helped aid in my transformation, and I’m no where near finished???

I live off of amazing food every day. Pizza, shepherd’s pie, fried fish, mashed “potatoes”, fried pickles, “pasta”, cheesecake, key lime pie, cookies, ice cream, etc. I never feel deprived. I never feel hangry. But I always feel energized, nourished, and excited to wake up every day and see what kind of progress I have made on this journey.

Please, if you want to transform with me, join me now! My cook book has everything to offer to help you get started, and keep you on the path of success. I can’t wait to see you reach your goals!!!
This book is everything you need in ONE place.

Keto The Kind Way is vegetarian and pescatarian friendly (while leaving you the option to sub in your preference), every recipe is gluten free, and packed full of only my favorite recipes. It begins with an introduction explaining everything you need to know about the keto lifestyle, a personalized macro chart to fit the goals you have, and recipes for breakfast, entrees, sides, desserts, and fat bombs! It also includes a few FREE bonus’s!!

  • A FREE grocery list to get you started!
  • A FREE out to eat cheat sheet to make going out easy!
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