How Many Calories Should You Be Eating? The Answer Is Here!!!

Hi guys!

Ok, I get this question a lot! You guys want to know how many calories should you really be eating on a daily basis!

Macros are pretty easy….by now, you know your split should be 5% net* carbs, 25% protein, and 70% fats for ketosis!
*To read more on net carbs click here!

But what about your actual calories???

Here’s a short, but easy way to set them up (even if you aren’t keto)!
~Please note, this is a generic way to set up your calories without taking into consideration your lifestyle, gender, age, body fat %, etc. Every one is different, so you have to figure out what works best for you based on YOU and how you live your day to day life!!~

Ok! Let’s do this!

For example, let’s go ahead and say you weight 150 lbs!

For Fast Fat-Loss:
Your body weight x 12
150 (lbs) x 12 = 1,800
1,800 calories per day to burn fat!

For Building Muscle While Burning Fat:
Your body weight x 15
150 (lbs) x 15 = 2,250
2,250 calories to help build muscle, but still burn fat!

For Building Muscle Rapidly, While Keeping Fat Gain to a Minimum – AKA Lean Bulk:
Your body weight x 18
150 (lbs) x 18 = 2,700
2,700 calories to rapidly build muscle, while keeping fat gain to a minimum**

For the first few weeks, stick with your body weight x 15.
This will ease your transition into ketosis and allow you maintain lean muscle mass.
You will still lose weight, don’t stress!
– Keto The Kind Way

**This is what we call a Lean Bulk! When most people ramp up their calories to bulk, they gain large amounts of fat. When you’re keto and you up your calories like this, you gain muscle and have minimal fat gain.

And there you have it! Now just plug into MyFitnessPal 5% for net carbs, 25% for protein, and 70% for fats, and you’ll be keto!! Click here to learn more on how to navigate the myfitnesspal app and track your macros in it!

It’s extremely important to track your macros if you have goals you’re trying to reach! Especially if you’re new to this lifestyle! To learn more on why it’s so important, click here!!

There are ways of calculating your calories so that they are SPOT on and perfect for you, however you need to provide a lot of info in order to get them! If you’re interested in figuring out your perfect calories instead of just a general idea of them, give me a shout! I’d be happy to help guide you!