How To Track Macros For Keto In MyFitnessPal W/ Step By Step Pictures!!!

I get tons of questions from people asking me how to track macros using an app for the ketogenic diet!

Firstly, I suggest the app I use…MyFitnessPal!

Secondly, this app comes with “default” macros for the typical american diet! WE DO NOT USE THESE DEFAULT MACROS FOR KETOSIS!! Nope nope nope nope!

So how do we change them??? It’s not hard, actually! Here’s a step by step guide with photos and fancy red arrows (you’re welcome lolz) on how to change your macros in myfitnesspal to reflect the ketogenic diet! These are the calories and macros I currently use, so for calories you will need to adjust yours to fit your goals!

Step One: Open myfitnesspal app to home page and locate the ‘More’ option

Step Two: Select the ‘Goals’ option

Step Three: Select the ‘Calorie & Macronutrient Goals’ Option

Step Four: First click on your calories and adjust them, then click on any of the macros %’s to get started

Step Five: Adjust your carbs to 5%*, protein to 25%, and fat to 70%
*though your carbs at 5% will probably give you a small amount to stay under, please remember that the app does not keep up with NET CARBS (to read more on net carbs click here), so you will need to do that yourself. Your first week or so, to get into ketosis quickly, try to stay under 20g nc. After that, I suggest staying under 30g nc to continue to burn fat quickly!

Don’t forget to click the check mark at the top right corner!!!! If you don’t click it, it won’t save!

Step Six: Locate the ‘Diary’ option where you log your food! Then, to view your macros for the day, locate the ‘Nutrition’ button!

Step Seven: Here you can view what you’ve consumed. There’s the total of what you’ve eaten, what your goal to eat is, and how much you have left to consume! Obviously the Carbs and Sugar are not exactly a goal you’re trying to reach, but more being that is the MAXIMUM you should consume!
Again, consider the app does not track net carbs! So my carb intake here is actually 27g nc.

Step Eight: Right beside where it says ‘Nutrients’ you can find ‘Macros’ and view your pie (mmmm pie!!!) chart for the day as well. I never use the macro pie chart option but I know some people find it helpful 🙂

And that was the first presentation I’ve done since college.

The End.

Oh wait….

Logging your food is super easy! In your diary you can scan barcodes of items, find restaurants entire menus (if your location services is on), and create your own recipes while cooking with personalized macros. You can also save foods as meals so you don’t have to constantly log the same things over and over if you eat the same thing a lot (like how i often pair two eggs with a yogurt).

Here’s a few photos of how to do that!!

How to create a recipe with macros and scan barcodes:

How to search for a restaurants menu w/ macros:

How to turn something into a meal so you don’t have to always enter in manually:


As always, reach out to me for questions or concerns!!!