The How, What, and Why Behind Keto!!!

The How:

When you eat carbs, your body produces glucose and insulin that causes it to start burning energy for fuel and storing fat. But when you eat low/no carb and go into ketosis, a normal metabolic state that we are actually born in, all that glucose gets used up and your body starts using fat to burn instead of energy! Resulting in higher energy and quick weightloss!

The What:

  • Keto is not a one size fits all
  • Keto is not a box you put yourself in
  • Keto is not boring
  • Keto is not hard
  • Keto is not unhealthy
    What *is* keto then?
  • Keto IS for vegetarians too! Hence, Keto The Kind Way
  • Keto IS for managing illnesses/diseases
  • Keto IS based on the individual
  • Keto IS for people looking to build muscle
  • Keto IS for people looking to burn fat
  • Keto IS delicious
  • Keto IS easy
  • Keto IS the better way

The Why:

Why keto over everything else?? Let’s face it…there’s more than one way to get in shape. I’m not here to bash anyone who chooses a different life style than keto! But, I fully believe from my own experience with it, as well as seeing other peoples, it is the quickest AND healthiest way to lose fat.

There’s many ways to get healthy. There’s many ways to lose weight insanely fast. However, typically they don’t go hand in hand! With the ketogenic diet, they do! It’s not just weight-loss, it’s not just health….it’s all the perks keto has to offer combined!!

What are these perks??

In a matter of weeks, you’ll experience results like rapid weight loss, restored skin elasticity, clearer skin, less having to use dry shampoo on your oily hair, cheaper grocery bills, auto-immune disease vanished, more energy, self-confidence, a BETTER life than anyone else around you, did I say cheaper grocery bills, and not to mention (Caution men! I will proceed to discuss us women’s monthly visitors) being bloated on your period will no longer be an issue, and cramps are suddenly a thing of the past!


 I know, I know. You hear so many different opinions from so many different fitness ‘guru’ know-it-all’s that it’s honestly hard to know what’s up and what’s down. Different things work well for different people, and some people will tell you to consume all the carbs. You’ve probably tried it before….it probably didn’t work for you…and that’s probably what’s led you here to me.


– Keto The Kind Way

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