Why Macros Are Important & How To Easily Manage Them!!!

Macros are important in order to reach goals, because your body needs a certain amount of nutrients from each food group… i.e. healthy fats, proteins, fiber, etc…. did you know carbs is not one of them? Carbs are the only food group your body doesn’t need in order to thrive!!

Calories are important, don’t deprive yourself of them! Make sure the calories you’re consuming are not empty and full of sugar and carbs. You need calories to create a sustainable life style that doesn’t leave you feeling deprived or hungry! Never be afraid of calories….They are your friends in life! And once you learn how to manage them for your goals, you will be so thankful to them instead of scared of them.

Tracking macros is how you ensure the calories you’re consuming are nourishing you, not damaging you!

By tracking macros, you are 100% sure of everything going inside your temple. You will know if you’ve eaten enough calories, enough healthy fats, enough protein, fiber, etc!

By tracking macros you will also know if you’ve eaten too many of anything! Which is very important if you’re trying to lose weight or manage an illness/disease!

By not tracking macros, you are playing a guessing game – not the fun kind – and the sad part is, you won’t even know why you are not reaching your goals like you had hoped. You will have no idea what you’ve eaten to much, or to little, of or how to correct it, and I won’t know how to help you if you aren’t keeping track of your food daily!

Do yourself a favor!

  • download myfitnesspal app or any macro tracking app
  • set up your keto macro goals
  • track daily
  • enjoy your results

Hitting your macros every single day is not a chore! For me, it’s a pretty fun game. I would suggest first altering your mindset!

Stop saying

“I don’t know how to hit my macros today”

Start saying

“I can’t wait to figure out how to hit my macros today!!!”

If you’re struggling, try planning out your entire day first thing in the morning! Every morning I go through and plan my day ahead until I have it perfectly hitting all my goals! That way my mind is on track, and I know what I should be eating for the entire day! It honestly gives me so much to look forward to!!!

I don’t look at things as

“I can’t have that”

I look at them as

“I don’t want that, because my goals are more important!”

Please, don’t put yourself in a box. Don’t think that you have to do every single thing the way someone else is! Keto is different based on the individual and your lifestyle, which is what makes it so incredible! Are you active? Cardio or weight lifting? Maybe both? Perhaps neither?

Being in ketosis will work a bit differently for everyone! Find what works for you and stop believing every opinion you read is a fact….trust me….it’s not! Some people stay strict on their keto diet with zero “cheat” meals. Others allow themselves 1 “cheat” meal a week! Some people carb cycle, some people don’t. Some people eat in a surplus of calories, some eat in a deficit. Annnnnd some alternate.

If what you’re doing isn’t working for you, change it up! Find what works for you, and then stick with it! Your future self will thank you <3

As always, feel free to reach out if you have questions or concerns!