What Are Net Carbs?

Net carbs are what you get when you take your total carbs, then subtract fiber and sugar alcohols. The body doesn’t digest and utilize these in the same way it does other nutrients, therefore there is no need to count them toward your daily macronutrient totals.
– Keto The Kind Way

Here’s the thing about sugar alcohols – Erythritol & Stevia are the only two I suggest consuming, or subtracting from your carb count, on a ketogenic diet.

Why? Because the others (sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol, isomalt, xylitol, etc.) tend to cause blood sugar / insulin spikes which can kick you out of the ketosis state!

So how do you get net carbs?
lets say, for example, you consumed 50g of carbs for the day, but of those carbs 17g were fiber and 8g were sugar alcohols (coming from erythritol or stevia). You would simply subtract your fiber and sugar alcohols from your total carbs to get your net carbs!
50 – 17 – 8 = 25 net carbs!

Remember, to initially get into ketosis I recommend staying below 20g net carbs! Once your body has become adapted, try to stay under 30g net carbs!