What is Ketosis???

Honestly, what is ketosis??? Maybe you know all about it, maybe you’ve just heard the basics, maybe you know NOTHING about it! All three are totally OK! Read on and maybe you will learn a lot, or maybe just a little, but I bet you’ll at least learn something! Below is a quote from my book, Keto The Kind Way, that breaks down what it means to be in ketosis!

So, what is ketosis? Ketosis is a pure fat burning state. When your body runs out of glucose to burn for energy, it starts converting stored fat into ketones for energy. To get rid of the glucose your body is running on, you gotta stop eating all them carbs!! 

I know, I know. You hear so many different opinions from so many different fitness ‘guru’ know-it-all’s that it’s honestly hard to know what’s up and what’s down. Different things work well for different people, and some people will tell you to consume all the carbs. You’ve probably tried it before….it probably didn’t work for you…and that’s probably what’s led you here to me.


Did you know, you are in a state of ketosis upon BIRTH?! Ok, think back to the caveman days, right? You think they were living off carbs and sugar? Hell nah! They ate protein, fats, and their carbs came from the occasional handful of berries they were able to stumble upon. Cavemen were totally keto! It’s the way we were meant to eat!

Losing weight and getting healthy is simple – get back to the basics, nourish your body with whole foods, and don’t complicate things! Be patient with your body…this isn’t a yo-yo diet, this is a lifestyle and sometimes change takes time to get used to! I do promise you one thing, stick with it for four weeks…and you won’t wanna go back aftr reaping these rewards!