Lose At Least 10 lbs In 3 Weeks Using This Book!!!

When I was writing Keto The Kind Way, I wanted it to HELP people…not just be a cookbook. So I used a variety of only my favorite recipes (gluten free, vegetarian/pescatarian friendly) that are easy and quick to make, while being easy on the budget at the same time.

The book itself helps you set up the macros you will follow for your goals…example: how many calories, protein, fats, and net carbs you will be able to eat in order to either –

  • gain muscle
  • lose weight
  • gain muscle & lose weight at the same time

It’s very simple to follow along with. Based on the macros you calculate, it also teaches you how to keep track of them!

So how do you lose AT LEAST 10 lbs in 3 weeks using the book? It’s easy…

Just choose any recipe from the breakfast section, any recipe from the entrees (for lunch and/or dinner) section, any recipe from the dessert and/or fat bomb sections, and follow my guidelines for going out to eat and what snacks to choose that are keto friendly! The recipes you choose all have the macros already included to make it THAT much easier for you!! Make sure each recipe you choose (or item off the snack list or out to eat cheat sheet….which also includes macros!) added together will get you to your macro goals!!!


For example, if your macros looked like this –

1,800 calories
114g protein
141g fat
30g net carbs

Then a full day of eating, all while burning fat and helping you shed lbs, could look something along the lines of –

Breakfast: 2 servings of French Toast that’s been fried to golden perfection, and topped with delicious sugar free syrup and creamy whipped cream

Lunch: A quick and easy Mug Lasagna (located in the Bonus 5 Minute Meals) that’s layered with freshly sliced zucchini, warm tomato sauce, and oh so much cheese!!

Dinner: 4 incredible slices of Mark’s Hulkhead Pizza – It truly is everything you want in a pizza with it’s yummy golden crust, perfect amount of seasonings, and the best combination of toppings…also did you just read that right?? I just said you get FOUR guilt free slices!! Not a measly one or even two slices….but effin’ four! 

Dessert: 1 slice of The Best Strawberry Glazed Cheesecake – listen guys…I’ve made a lot of cheesecakes in my life, and not a single one have compared to this one. It is Queen B of all cheesecakes. I promise, you won’t feel cheated…in fact, you will instead feel like YOU are cheating! I’m so for real right now.

Did you think you were done yet?
You still have 228 calories, 16g of protein, and 21g of fat to eat!
Uh oh…only 2g of net carbs left though! What on earth could you have???

OH! OH! I know! A fat bomb! Which is basically just more dessert, but who can complain about that, amiright?

Fat Bomb: 1 Chocolate Peanut Butter Ball – it’s chocolaty….it’s peanut buttery….it’s rolled in shredded coconut….it’s gonna make your taste buds go WILD!

BUT WAIT….there’s more! Aaaaaaand for a snack….

Snack: 1 string cheese stick! Ahhhh….perfection. Just the right way to end the day while you’re curled up in bed watching your fav show on Netflix.

You have officially hit your goals.

If you followed this meal plan for that specific set of example macros, you would have consumed –

1840 calories
107g protein (hey…I got you as close as I could lol)
145g fat
29g net carbs

WOOHOO!!!!! Now does that sound like a DIET to you??? NOPE! Sounds like deliciousness to me!!! And why haven’t you joined me yet in the keto lifestyle??? The door is always open!!

Download my book, set up your macros, and start planning your meals out! If you follow this correctly you will drop 10 lbs like it’s nothing! Personally, I dropped 20 lbs my first month!

I’m always here for you, babes. Just reach out to me and we can help each other!